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Best Disposable Vape 2023 Based on Tastes, Design and Price

RandM Tornado Vape is stylish and comes pre-filled with 2-5% strength, and built in rechargeable battery, which is more user friendly than most disposables on the market.

R&M Tornado Vape series range from 5,000-21,000 puffs, rechargeable feature assure the pod will last for days of vaping, crystal clear tank allows you to monitor the puff remains anytime, in addition to the stylish artwork varies on each taste, a colored LED light flashes on every puff.

It's as close to a perfect disposable vape as you can get.

If you're thinking of trying this style of vaping, you can't go with with R and M Tornado Vape Shop.


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Why Choose RandM Tornado Over Other Brands?

Disposable vapes have become trendy in vaping world since 2020. RandM played an important part  to help millions of smokers switching to a more healthy lifestyle. Vaping has already been proven 95% healthier compare to smoke traditional cigarettes, due to the amount of toxins produced by burning tobaccos, and 92% cheaper being its big puff counts.

Rick and Morty Vape Pen is definitely among the most popular vape brands on the market due to the simplicity of use, colorful prints, fruity tastes, and consistency of quality vapes.

R&M Vapes are compact, colorful and tasty. They are also cheap and rechargeable. Tornado vape cost $15-$23, but there’s a catch: Smoking a 5000 puff vape pen is the equivalent of smoking up to 50 cigarettes.

Tornado Vape ingredients: 50% Vegetable Glycerine (VG) ; 50% Propylene Glycol(PG) ; Natural & Artificial substances ; Strength: 0-5%

R and M Tornado Vape Review

There are vapes and there are Tornado vapes. R&M started with a desire to produce the best quality disposable vapes. While there are great vapes out there, not many of them can be the perfect vape in battery life, taste and design.

The best disposable vape should be the longest lasting vape in puff counts and somehow that can be measuring by battery life, RandM rechargeable vapes – Tornado series which can produce highest to 21000 of puffs with chargeable battery 1000mAh. It separates the great from the good. For many, the maximum number of puffs is 1500, which is considerable but not enough.

RandM vape for sale

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Delivery time of RandM Vape orders is depending on the location. Usually would take 3-5 days for US orders (Local warehouse), and 15-25 days for EU and other countries.

Tornado Vape Series

RandM Tornado are available in six variants of the Tornado vape series, from 5000 to 10000 puffs. And they are keep launching new products like the Sunax 21,000 puffs vape kit, higher than any brand vapes in the market. Also the new member of the Tornado vape – RandM Tornado Box 10000.

RandM Tornado Vape shop

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RandM Features

RandM Tornado vapes have large crystal vape tank of 14ml capacity. It has a 0-5% strength and up to 20 options in tastes, and RandM assures the thickness (consistency) of their vape ingredient from the first to the last drop.

The Rick and Morty vape pen come pre-filled tank and do not require refilling or cleaning. Because they are disposable and rechargeable, you can discard it once you use up the last drop and the battery.

Rand M Disposable vapes come in different styles and patterns; the vape pen R&M 7000 puff cartoon style seems the most popular. It also comes in the vary shape of a balm, crayon, and even a milk tea cup shape.

What are the best Rick and Morty vape picks?

Watermelon Ice; Blue Razz Ice; Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Donuts, Mr. blue, Mixed Berries

Best R&M Vape Models

R and M Tornado Vape 9000 & 7000

Although there are higher puff vape in Tornado series, RandM Tornado 7000 and R&M Tornado 9000 are the most popular disposable vapes among them, many vapers like this vape pen because of the exciting performance.

RandM Tornado 10000

Battery life matters to the longevity of a disposable vape, it’s crucial when considering a decent disposable vape pen. R and M Tornado 10000 is one of the biggest puff counts vapes and it is rechargeable.

This 10 000 puff disposable come with a smooth flow and controllable design to help you hit the right spot. (R&M vape produce both Tornado vape 10000 Plus and 10000, difference design and tastes. Both vapes produce 10k puffs, which is a considerable number, even for the most avid vaper).

Longest lasting disposable vape

The Rick and Morty vape Sunax 21000 uses an integrated 850mAh battery. This vape kit includes 3 changeable pods with 7000 puffs each. Rechargeable battery capacity is enough to take you through several vaping sessions.

Tornado Box Vape

RandM Crystal vape is a great choice for vapors looking for a vape pod that is disposable and rechargeable. Cool clear tank that you could monitor the remains till the last drop, easy to fit into pocket on-the-go.

Experience bigger, satisfying puffs with RandM Tornado Box Vape. Offering a maximum of 10,000 puffs per device and featuring a crystal tank for convenient fuel monitoring, this rechargeable vape is the ideal choice for enthusiasts. Additionally, explore the innovative Fumot 12000 Digital Vape for another impressive option.

How to use Rick and Morty Vape?

Althoug the Rick and Morty vape pen is easy to use, vapors should be aware of a few steps in case of burnt taste. Below is brief guide on how to use the Rick and Morty vapes. How to charge Rick and Morty vape

Take the Rick and Morty Tornado vape out of its package
Remove the silicone plug on the mouthpiece
Tear off the sticker on the bottom of the vape pen and allow the vape to settle for 5-7 min
The RandM Tornado is now ready to vape

R and M Vape Features

Unlike refillable vape pods, these disposable vapes don’t need maintenance to re-fill or clean:

  • User friendly
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • RGB Lights
  • Zero maintenance
  • Crystal Clear Tank, non-refillable
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Mesh Coil
  • Inhale Activated System
  • 10-20 prints vary on tastes

R and M Tornado Vape Range

We have several disposable vape series you can choose, such as the RandM Tornado, Supbliss Bingo & Box Vape. Among all Rick and Morty Vapes RandM Tornado 7000 and 9000 puff vape are the best sellers. 

R&M Tornado User Reviews

John Doe@username
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“The Rick and Morty vape has decent built quality & design. It has a clear integrated tank with a round drip tip that fits comfortably between the lips. As for the design, it is comfortable to hold and made to be portable. Moreover, the vape does not rattle nor produce strange sounds as you operate it.”
Kelvin Phillips@username
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“This is a very good vape that can last a long time, I am a fan of strawberry cake, and so I went for that option. I would be lying to say I experienced any performance issues with this vape. I loved the way it worked, and they tasted exactly the way I wanted it to.”
Wayne Armstrong@username
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“I am a big fan of rechargeable disposable vape pens, they are easy to use. I am always looking to have something I can rely on for two weeks or so. The Rick and Morty Tornado vape did not disappoint. I would 100% recommend this brand to anyone looking for a durable and rechargeable vape pen. I also loved their variety, there are some highly unique tastes in their inventory.”