Supbliss Bingo 8000

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Supbliss Bingo 8000 Disposable Vape

Supbliss Bingo Vape 8000, contains a 16ml prefilled tank of 5% (50mg) strength contributing to vaping up to 8000 puffs, rechargeable 650mAh battery with Type-C charging port, 1.0ohm mesh coil.

SUPBLISS BINGO Vape is a disposable vape device with cool tiger warrior design, different from any other disposable vapes in the market. And this rechargeable vape feature guarantee you finish the last drop in the tank all the time. This “milk cup disposable vape” contains 16ml 5% contains and vape up to 8000 puffs. There are 12 tastes for you to choose.

The impressive array of delicious taste is on point and meet your expectations. Supbliss Bingo with rubber paint finish, bubble milk tea cup with a straw, which is so compact that can pop into your pocket on the move.

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Supbliss Bingo Rechargeable Vape

Supbliss Bingo 8000 Milk Tea Cup, rechargeable disposable vape pen device with 8000 Puffs and 650 mAh battery. Soft-Drink Cup Design which is masked as a straightforward, adorable, and unique Tiger Bingo Symbols cup design with a straw, particularly surprising those who enjoy drinking bubble milk tea.

Supbliss Bingo Vape 8000 Contains:
☑ 1 x RandM SUPBLISS BINGO Disposable Vape

Ingredients: 50% Vegetable Glycerine (VG), 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), Natural & Artificial Substances – Non-Refillable.

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Supbliss Bingo Vape Review

The SUPBLISS BINGO 8000 is a disposable vape with stylish milk tea cup design that can be recharged. It has 16ml of 5% strength in the tank and can withstand up to 8K puffs. You can pick your favorite from 12 different tastes. You will always use every last drop of the tank thanks to the rechargeable battery (600mAh).

Supbliss Bingo 8000 Design

RandM Vape Supbliss Bingo 8000 design looks like Slurpee cups at 7-Eleven. A smooth, slippery texture with nice gradient colors. Supbliss vape LOGO at the top, tiger bingo warrior symbol on the vapes are different for every taste, and the tastes is noted at the bottom.

And then, the coolest and most notable part of the design is the straw-shaped mouthpiece at the top. You can spin it around to wherever you want it to be. The shape and bendy-ness of the mouthpiece work great here and it makes Supbliss Bingo 8K vape really comfortable to use. That’s a really nice touch to the design.

Supbliss Vape 8000 Features

Brand: R and M / Supbliss
Vape Type: Disposable
Capacity: 16ml 20mg
Strength:  5% contains
Puffs: 8000
Battery: 600mAh Rechargeable
Charging Port: Type C
Coil Type: Mesh

RandM Supbliss bingo
supbliss bingo vape

Tiger Bingo Vape 8000

Variety Is the Spice of a Vaper’s Life

Energy Drink | Strawberry Kiwi | Strawberry Watermelon | Strawberry Ice Cream | Honeydew Melon | Mix Fruit | Strawberry Mango | Pink Lemon | Sakura Grape | Strawberry Banana | Peach Mango | Lychee Cola

How to Charge Supbliss Bingo Disposable Vape

Supbliss Bingo tigers are fun and really unique, they shaped like soft-drink cups, but also work really well. The tastes are optional, this Vape is strong, there’s a plenty in the vape pod. Supbliss vape 8000 charges fast via USB-C, compact enough to carry around and comfortable to hold, and they hit nice!

Final Thoughts about Supbliss Bingo 8000

Supbliss Bingo vape 8000 guarantees enough battery to get through 1-2 days of vaping, and then you can charge it in 30 minutes.

Supbliss vape 8000 charges through a USB-C port. While charging, you’ll see the little LED light light up on the bottom.

Why disposable vapes taste better?

People prefer to buy simple e-pods that do not require a lot of effort or time to refill pod, clean, or maintain it in any way. Disposable vape as simple as taking a puff, enjoying it, repeating it until it’s gone.

Disposable vapes make use of salts which have a lower pH level. It allows much smoother entering the bloodstream than regular vape, resulting in an instant hit to satisfy cravings and more enjoyable vaping experience. As opposed to the traditional e-vape pods used with refillable vape kits, which is much harsher on the throat.

Disposable vapes offer these advantages for smokers: User-friendly design. Pre-filled with desired taste. No filling of a pod required. Can be used without additional accessories or maintenance.

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