RandM Tornado 7000

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R and M Tornado 7000

If you are looking for an easy & convenient way to vaping without worrying about complicated settings or maintenance, then look no further than the R&M Tornado 7000 disposable vape pen!

Rick and Morty Vape – 7000 puff vape shook vaping world with rechargeable vapes first hit the market, 90% cheaper alternative for cigs, 20 fruit bursting tastes, disposable vape kits.

RandM Tornado 7000 rechargeable vapes offer a smooth and pure taste of fruit, it contains 14ml and up to 7000 puffs of vaping, built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery.

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R&M Tornado 7000

R and M Tornado Vape, one of the best disposable vape brand on market, know as the very first rechargeable vape pen. Type-C charging port at the bottom of pod R&M Tornado 7000, which makes sure you get the full use till the last drop of the it in the tank. Plus its 20 delicious taste options offer up plenty of variety.

R and M 7000 is pre-filled, and there is no requirement to change the coil or refill the e-pod. Crystal vape 6000 puffs is more quality-oriented and of less maintenance device. Simply inhale to vape, there will always be something new and exciting for you try with each hit!

Packing: RandM Vape 7000 *1pc (13.5 x 3 x 2.9 cm; 64 Grams) ; RandM Tornado 7000 bulk buy – Box of 10

R and M Vape Ingredients: 50% Vegetable Glycerine (VG), 50% Propylene Glycol(PG), Natural & Artificial substances – Non-Refillable.

If you’re searching for higher count of puffs, the R and M Tornado vape 9000 and RandM Tornado 10000 are worth considering.

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Are RandM Tornado 7000 Vapes Good?​

The R and M Tornado 7000 is a rechargeable vape kit that contains a 850mAh battery and 14mL pre-filled vape pod. Featuring a handy see through glass tank that you can actually see how many puff remains and has a very satisfying LED light that flashing when you take a toke!

The Rick and Morty Tornado 7000 has been rated to be one of the best mouth-to-lung vape pod for its tastes and performance, smoother smoking experience compared to others, a really good option as a smoking replacement.

R and M Tornado 7000 Features

  • Convenient and easy to use with its automatic inhale activation
  • Battery: 850mah Rechargeable
  • 14mL Pre-filled
  • 5% Strength
  • Crystal vape 6000 puffs
  • Coil- 10 Mesh Coil
  • Type-C Charging Port
  • 1 x RandM 7000 puff vape
R And M Tornado 7000
R M Vape 7000

R&M Tornado 7000 Flavors

Multiple tastes to relax your taste buds

Cool Mint | Lush Ice | Tangerine Ice | Strawberry Donut | Gummy Bear | Blueberry On Ice | Mango On ice | Peach Ice | Banana Ice | Grape Ice | Pink Lemonade | Pina Colada Rum | Mixed Berries | Banana Milkshake | Stawberry Watermelon | Red Apple Lemon | Pineapple Ice | Cotton Candy | Strawberry Banana | Strawberry Ice

Rick and Morty Vape

Rick and Morty vape pen is already a fan favorite among disposable vape enthusiasts, but why is it so popular?

It’s sleek and compact in design, Rick and Morty vapes are perfect for vaping on the go, and the draw-activated firing mechanism makes it incredibly easy to use.

R and M Tornado vape is the ideal vaporizer for a safer & healthier lifestyle in many ways. R and M vapes provide the best quality vape kit to customers for a refreshing and joyful vaping experience. You can always feel free to recommend R and M Tornado to your friends and colleagues.

If you are looking for a healthy and socializing alternatives to smoking, it’s definitely worth trying the R&M Tornado Vape series, including best disposable vape 2022: R&M Tornado 7000, R and M 9000, and RandM Tornado 10000.

R and M Tornado 7000 vape is one of the best disposable vape in the vaping world today. RandM Tornado 7000 bulk buy at support@tornadovape.com

RandM Tornado 7000 How to Use

Why my R and M tornado 7000 tastes burnt, how to fix?

Since the RandM 7000 Tornado vape adopts oil core separation technology, some vapors ripped it instantly without waiting, the coil gets too hot and vaporizes or evaporates too soon. So, please follow below instructions before use.

  1. Tilt the 7000 puff vape sideways and pull out the silicon plug
  2. Tilt the device horizontally, and tear off the stick on the bottom
  3. Let it stand upright for 3 mins at least before you take your first puff

How Long Does R and M Tornado Vape 7000 Last?

The average vaper can expect anywhere 300-500 puffs a day, and average disposable vape will last between 3 – 5 days. Rick and Morty vape pen 7000 powered by a type-C rechargeable 850mAh battery and 14ml pod, R&M disposable vape will easily last around 10-12days approx..

RandM Tornado 7000 Refill

You cannot refill the R and M disposable vape , its disposable for a reason. However, there are some users post Youtube videos how to refill RandM Tornado vape 7000. Without drilling any holes and sealing them after like others.

R and M Tornado Vape charging instructions

RandM Tornado 7000 Charge Time: Please follow below guides before charging RandM Vape 7000:

  • You should not charge the R and M vape 7000 battery with more than 1 Amp current.
  • You should never leave R & M vape battery to charge overnight. It takes less than 30 minutes to fully recharge the R and M vapes. 
  • Charge your R and M Tornado 7000 vape by connecting the USB cable with a TV port, laptop or game console.

In today’s fast-paced vaping world, having a reliable vape with good flavours to tackle anxiety is essential. The R&M Tornado 7000, a revolutionary rechargeable vape, promises to be the perfect companion for your social vaping needs.

R and M Vape flavors best recommending is mixed fruit, if you’d like bigger puff mars attacks vape 9000 or R and M Tornado 10000 

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14 reviews for RandM Tornado 7000

  1. Dylan

    I really enjoy using this product! It’s a great alternative to smoking, and it tastes great! Apart from the occasional little drop of juice that comes out and you taste it at the end, I haven’t had any bad experiences. Overall, I like this product.

  2. Aliciah S.

    Clean and bright, I like this design very much, not the best but still a good vape

  3. kelly R.

    A super awesome product, probably a brand feature of R and M, this one also shines when trying, and my friends think it is super cool. The taste is also very smooth, 7,000 puffs lasts three weeks for me.

  4. Loida F.

    More flavors : Strawberry Kiwi

    Blueberry Ice is the best out of all the flavors if you are looking for fruity flavors. The hits smooth and the price on the website is pretty cheap. is the best out of all the flavors if you are looking for fruity flavors. The hits smooth and the price on the website is pretty cheap.

  5. Tammy S.

    A disposable with a rechargeable battery is a convenient feature.

  6. Reid C

    Tornado 7000 is easy to use and I Iike the transparent enclosure and the e-liquid window through which I can see the e-juice level.

  7. lynndiaz01

    More flavors : Blueberry on ice

    Amazing!!!! Quick shipping to Texas. Like quick! Products always work no flaws

  8. janapoirier7

    More flavors : Randm sunax grapefruit ice

    I just placed an order waiting to receive it but unfortunately you didn’t have my favorite flavor grapefruit ice in the randm sunax device. Would love to be able to get it

    Greatly appreciated

  9. BRADLY C.

    More flavors : Cool mint

    What a great flavor I received the Lush Ice I love it long lasting

  10. Jarrod M.

    More flavors : Pink Lemonade

    R and M e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors to suit every taste preference.

  11. Natalie

    More flavors : Banana Ice

    I was a fan of the Funky Republic Ti7000. Now my new fav is Tornado 7000. A more powerful battery and cool RGB lights.

  12. Shana Y.

    Good puff count!
    Banana ice is my favourite flavor of tornado 7000. It is sweet and a little bit icy.

  13. Franciska (verified owner)

  14. Jeanette (verified owner)

    The best Vapes!

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