RandM Tornado 6000


R and M Tornado 6000

It’s great to try a handy vape pen when you don’t want to take your main pod device out at night. The R&M Tornado 6000 comes pre-filled tank of 12ml and do not require refilling. It’s a vape that can be disposable and rechargeable, just discard them once you use up the remains.

RandM Tornado 6000 rechargable vapes comes with 0-5% strength salt and thus customize individual consumption. Tornado 6000 Puffs vape offers 32 options on the tastes including fruit and sweet tastes. 850mAh rechargable battery delivers up to 6000 puffs of vaping.

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R&M Tornado 6000

R and M Vape – Tornado 6000 fruit collections hit the market earlier before the best seller R&M Tornado 7000. Same battery capacity of 850mAh and auto draw-activated system provide an instant hit without any complicated setup. Tornado 6000 puffs vape has a Type-C charging port, so you can finish up all the remains before dispose it.

Plus it has 31 delicious taste options offer up plenty of variety – Variety Is the Spice of a Vapor’s Life.

Packing: RandM Vape 6000 *1 (13.5 x 3 x 2.9 cm; 64 Grams)

R&M Vape Ingredients: 50% Vegetable Glycerine (VG), 50% Propylene Glycol(PG), Natural & Artificial substances – Non-Refillable.

If you’re searching for higher count of puffs, the Rick and Morty Vape 7000 and Tornado Plus Vape are worth considering.

RandM Tornado Vape 6000

How long does R&M 6000 last?

“Normally I vape through 2 disposables of 5000-6000 hits a month, so is less expensive for me than buying pods because they’re are crazy expensive in my country”

“Maybe about a week, i want to try the 10000 version though”

“I think my cola and Ice lasted me 7-10 days.. it was better than iGet Disposable vape.”

“I get about 5 days. All day vaping”

Rand M Tornado 6000 Features

  • 12ml 5% Strength
  • Vape up to 6000 puffs
  • 20 Options to choose your favorite
  • Airflow control & Draw-activation system
  • Rechargeable Type-c port
  • Light Glowing all the time
  • Integrated 850 mah battery
R M Tornado 6000
Tornado Vape 6000

R&M Vape 6000

Variety Is the Spice of a Vaper’s Life

Red Apple Lemon | Pina Colada Rum | Gummy Bear | Cool Mint | Energy Drink | Grape Ice | Strawberry Donut | Fruit Fusion | Orange Soda | Banana Milk | Mango Strawberry Ice | Lush Ice | Mixed Berries | Strawberry Watermelon | Blue Razz Ice | Skittles | Strawberry Ice Cream | Cotton Candy | Banana Vanilla Ice Cream | Double Apple | Pineapple Lemon Mint | Blueberry Raspberry | Blue Sour Raspberry | Mr. blue | Unicorn Shake | Blueberry Pomegranate | Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum | Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava | Berry Lemonade | Vimto

How to Use RandM Tornado 6000

Why does my R and M tornado taste burnt?

The overlong charging time lead to burnt issue is common on most disposable vapes. User should only charge for 10-15 minutes at a time then wait 5-10 minutes before vaping it.

The other possible burnt taste due to improper use. Users have to wait 5-10 minutes after pulling the rubber insert that separates the coil from the li-quid. If you just open it and vape straight away you burn the coil.

R and M Vape 6000 Refill

R&M Disposable vape pens can give you a better vaping experience. Because you get the opportunity to inhale and match your favorite taste, classic cigs or sweet fruit in it. This makes disposable vapes very convenient and greatly affordable! But when your e-cigs runs out, can you refill the RandM disposable vape?

You really should not. This is because Rick and Morty Vapes were made to be used just once, you may charge it multiple times; that is until the battery or the tank is empty.

RandM Tornado 7000 Vs. Tornado Vape 6000

Both RandM models are rechargeable vapes. Unlike traditional cigarettes, these vapes don’t produce 2nd smoke harmful to people around you, while the recharegable battery make sure your vape doesn’t leave waste. Since this two disposable vapes contains 5% concentration, you can equalize it with approximately 200 cigarettes.

R and M Tornado 7000 with Amber glass top are the best. Only vape that vapes strong till the very last drop.

The Tornado 7000 with clear glass top are by far the best. Be sure to rest two minutes after purchase after pulling out rubber stopper or it will burn on first drag which is what people do wrong. Done right its the only vape that’s strong until the end.

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