Fumot Digital Box Vape

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Fumot Vape 12000 puffs

The Fumot Vape box 12000 stands out as a distinctive addition to RandM vapes. With its digital display, you can easily track your current battery and fuel levels, ensuring you’re always in the know and never caught off guard.

This Fumot Box Vape offers a user-friendly, compact design, making it the perfect choice for hassle-free, on-the-go vaping.

  • Battery Capacity: 850mAh
  • Concentration: 5% Strength
  • Capacity: 20mL
  • Charging Port: type-C
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Fumot Box Vape

With a robust 850mAh rechargeable battery, you’re guaranteed long-lasting vaping experience, and the 20 mg strength ensures a powerful hit with each puff. Sleek design for both convenience and portability, the Fumot Digital Box in a league of its own.

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or just starting out, this disposable vape offers a comprehensive experience in a sleek package. Why settle for anything less when you can enjoy exceptional quality and performance every time you use Fumot RandM?

Fumot Vape 12000 Packing: 1pc RandM Digital Box 12000 puff vape
1pc vape per color box; 10 pcs per display box; 200pcs / carton (Carton size: 54.9*33.2*25.3 CM)

If you’re searching for alternate sizes of puffs, the RandM 9000 and Tornado Box Vape are worth considering.

fumot vape 9000
fumot randm vape

Fuel Indicator

Stay informed with LED Display – Digital disposable vape

20 ml

Loaded with 20mL fuel tank ensure long lasting vaping

fumot vape 12000

Battery Display

Keep a close watch on your battery level and puff count


Type-c port allows faster and more convenient charging

fumot vape uk

12000 Puffs

Up to 12,000 puffs in each device

Fumot Vape 12000 puffs

Fumot Vape Features

  • 20ml Pre-filled Disposable Vape
  • 5% (50mg) Strength
  • Rechargeable 850mAh Battery
  • USB Type-C ( Cable not included)
  • Approximately 12,000 Puffs
  • Mesh Coil
  • Draw-Activated
  • MTL Vaping
  • Battery & Fuel Tank Display

Fumot Digital Vape Flavors

Cool MintCherryCherry Cola
Grape IceLush IceIce Pop
Strawberry IcePink LemonadeMango On Ice
Mixed BerriesStrawberry DonutStrawberry Grape
Blueberry RaspberryStrawberry WatermelonStrawberry Banana

16 sense of taste available

r&m vape

R and M Tornado Vape Review

Fumot 12000 by R&M Vape ( Fumot Digital Box ), a remarkable disposable vape that offers an exceptional long lasting vaping experience. With its superior hand-feel and high capacity, Fumot 12000 puffs is designed to satisfy vape enthusiasts who value convenience, performance, and longevity.

Portable or desktop

Mini box-shaped disposable e-cigarette, boasting superior hand-feel, is suitable for any circumstance.


The Fumot Box 12000 is featured with a sleek, feather-light, and solid feel, providing an ideal vaping experience.

Warranty / reliability

R and M vape devices have been sold more than 30 million pieces worldwide. Best vapes 2022 are:

Flavor diversity

Cherry | Grape Ice | Lush Ice | Mango on Ice | Mixed Berries | Pink Lemonade | Strawberry Ice | Strawberry Watermelon


R and M 12000 also features a 850mah rechargeable battery can be charged via Type-C port for convenient recharging and reuse whenever necessary.

How long to charge RandM?

Overall Vape Review

Explore the fusion of power, innovation, and ease embodied in the Fumot 12000 Puffs Digital Box Vape. This is no ordinary vape; it’s engineered to lead you on an immersive sensory voyage that enhances your vaping experience. Packed with a multitude of outstanding features, it represents the pinnacle of contemporary vaping technology, making it an essential for every vaping enthusiast.

randm tornado how to use

Fumot Vape FAQ

How long to charge RandM?

R and M Tornado built with 850 mAh battery, it’ll charge 80% of its power within 35 minutes.
  • Do not charge the Fumot Vape with more than 1 Amp current flow.
  • Never leave the R and M Tornado charge overnigh.
  • Try to use USB cable to a TV port, laptop or game console for Rick and Morty puff bar vapes battery charging.

Is R and M vape Rick and Morty?

No, Rick and Morty Vape is stylish disposables with 600–1000 mAh rechargeable battery, vaping from 6000–21,000 puffs.  RandM Tornado vape is just put a sticker on a good vape.

How much is a RandM Tornado vape

R&M Vape Fumot regular price range from $17.99 to $30.9 depends on puff counts.

Can you refill a RandM Tornado?

Can you refill R and M Tornado vape? NO, the answer is no, You can not refill a Tornado Vape.

7 reviews for Fumot Digital Box Vape

  1. Michael R.

    Not cheap, flimsy, bulky, bloated. I’ve been a vaping enthusiast since my early days and this is a mod I would buy again.

  2. Gavin

    More flavors : Black Ice

    My go-to vape. They have a full flavor and a long battery life. Best disposable vape I have used.

  3. Brian F.

    Extensive 12k puffs count. Love the flavor.

  4. Goodman

    Awesome vape! Love the design and the flavor will purchase again.

  5. Beth

    Impressed by the long battery life and the smooth, consistent puffs. It’s rechargeable, which is eco-friendly and convenient!

  6. Katherine E.

    More flavors : Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

    Long lasting disposable vape that I used during business travels and vacations. I will recommend pink lemonade.

  7. Josh

    Myself and a friend have tried these vapes recently. It is a very durable vape with delicious e-liquid.

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