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Rick and Morty Vape is a brand specializing in disposable vape pens and customization vape hardware, contributing to the health of global smokers.

For those looking to quit smoking, R&M Tornado vape is a good option simulates the sensation of puff hits. The R&M Tornado has various features that make it worth considering as a next vape that delivers a terrific vape experience.

Why disposable vape is so popular?

Disposable vapes are more popular than smoking because their simplicity and affordable cost to access the vaping world. Also, by switching to disposables, vapors can not only improve their health, but also save money in long-term. Disposable vape is perfect for newcomers who have no prior vaping experience but are looking to quit smoking.

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Disposable vapes are popular among smokers in many countries trying to kick the habit, as they satisfy the urge for puff while removing exposure to the tar and toxins of burned smoke. While vaping is not being 100% safe, but vaping is certainly the smart choice for those people who unwilling, or unable to quit smoking with other methods.

If you have tried to quit smoking and failed, disposable vapes will be next essential step. Vaping can help smokers to gradually cut down or abandon the unhealthy habit. It offers not only a simple & efficient method for those who are immersed and committed to the fight to quit smoking, but also a new and much healthier lifestyle.

“In my limited experience, health is the main reason why most vapers switch to vaping. Especially among the “not-so-young-anymore” like myself. :)”
– Oscar Oliver

Vapor's Choice - Airflow Control

Vapor production is associated with taking in how much cloud per hit. The denser the vapor, the more inhales at once. Adjustable air-flow control is the key. Optional 2-5% strength salt, it is a low amount, about the same as we would get from a cigarette or cigar.

Mesh vs. Regular Coils

Compared to regular wound vape coil, mesh coils work faster ramp up time with great tastes delivery and vapour production, meaning they offer a more robust and more effective hit due to the more significant surface area.

Draw Activated Vape

Vape pod battery activated by inhaling-just like a normal cigarette. You don’t have to click a button to fire up the vape kit. Draw activation makes it more convenience and easier to take your hits without having to turn it off/on, or having to wait for the vape battery to heat up.

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Sometimes you just need to live. Get out of your routine, do crazy things, try new things, smile a lot, have fun. And most importantly, show your loved ones how much you care about them! Live a bit, love a lot more. It’s exactly the belief what Tornado vape wants to deliver to our users, living in the moment.

From the year 2021, R & M vape launched RandM Tornado Vapes, the most popular disposable vape devices in 2022. Each of these unique vapes was specially designed with a maximum puff capacity and a sexy feel of the RGB light. It is created to give you a long-lasting feeling of refreshment. RandM was made just for your convenience!

Rick and Morty is the redefinition of vaping. Stylish in design and rich in tastes. It is the first disposable vape that is rechargeable, means you can get to use all available remains before disposing of the vape pen.

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Rick and Morty disposable vape keep on moving. Rand M Vape launched few new brands, Supbliss disposable, Vome disposable, Mr.Spider disposable, we have the most innovative hardware designs and put the best tasting choices into our devices.

RM Vape 21000 is an innovative and feature-packed device that is perfect for anyone looking for an extended period vaping experience.

RandM 21000

Sunax 21000

Compact design, adjustable airflow, and delicious tastes, From the first puff to the last, you’ll experience a smooth vape that is sure to impress.

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Tornado 10k Plus


R and M vape mission is simply to help smokers kick the habit of smoking by offering an alternative at affordable prices and nice taste. Electronic cigarettes also known as vape devices have helped many people quit smoking by transitioning to vaping. Rick and Morty vape strongly believe that vaping can put smokers on the right path to a better lifestyle.


There are vapes and there are Tornado vapes – R&M started with a desire to see powerful disposable vapes, better than what was available. At R & M vape, we put you – the customer – first in everything we do.  RandM Tornado vape team embraces these core values as we work every day to support our mission and change the vaping world.

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